Trans Ghost is a game in progress, started for the Trans Game Dev Birthday Jam 2021.
TW suicide and transphobia (but with a happy end)
In this game, you play the ghost of a trans teenager who just commited suicide. With his new ghosts powers, the hero called Yared, goes back in time to change his life so that he doesn’t want to die anymore.
In hell, he meets a community of queer ghosts who help him transform his transphobic dad into an activist queer ally who supports him and fights for his rights alongside him.

The game talks about the role of the parents of trans people, who play a very important role in the mental health of their childs. As many studies show, parents who do not support their trans child make the risks of suicide attempt and depression rise to very high levels. Trans Ghost proposes to manipulate the most common transphobic ideas that support the transphobia or inaction of many parents, and to find answers to those ideas.

My role

I did all the game except the musics and sounds : concept, dialogues, gameplay, art and programming.

The musics and sounds are from Exodrifter