The Other’s Construction is the prototype of a queer and feminist game made for the 2017 Resist Game Jam. The game is based on the works ok Christine Delphy, Pierre Bourdieu and Judith Buttler to talk about the social construction of gender, of heterosexuality, of ciscentrism and of the intersexphobes norms. The construction of the Others is paralleled with the construction of the Ones, to use Christine Delphy’s terms. The Ones are the member of the dominant group who define themselves as neutral and invisible, the hide the power structures that make their existence possible.

Only the first level and the begining of the second one were made during the jam, but I hope to finish it someday.

My role

I did all the game except the sounds and musics : the concept, the gameplay, the images and the code.
For the final version I will look for an intersex activist sensivity reader for the levels on this subtect.