Nideal is a collaborative board game done for the 2019 Global Game Jam, with the association Gamaturgie. The thème was “What home means to you”, and we choose to put that question at the center of our gameplay. Nidéal is a game where we collectively build our ideal home. The players chose three cards that represent what is important for them in a home, and have to make the other players guess them. The guessed cards are then used to build a home that suits to all the players on a central board, with treasures taken in a treasure box at each guessed card.

There is no competition. The game encourages discussion without imposing it, ant allows, if we wish to, to know more about the tastes of the ohers players.

Nidéal can be played for 3 tou 6 players (advised 4 or 5), from 12 years old. A game lasts approximately one hour.

My role

I did the cards that are used to express what is important in a home, and participated to the game design.


The association Gamaturgie presents the prototype in various festivals or events in board games bar. Feel free to contact us if you want to invite us to show it in an event.
We are currently working on a printable version of the game that will be available on the page of Gamaturgie.