Happy Pride is a video game that talks about the history of the pride walks. It was done with the association Gamaturgie, and music by Rrrrrose Azerty. The pride walks are protests that were at the origin commemorations of a riot against police brutality and homophobic laws in New York in 1969. Since then, they have lost most of their activist side, and have become mostly festive and commercial. Happy Pride, in addition to recounting the history of the first prides, presents some present movements that try to make the prides more political.

The game also talks about the place of marginalised groups in the LGBTQI community, such as intersex people, sex workers and disabled people.

All the images have been made by hand, with black ink pen and watercolor. I drew more than 300 different characters, to show the diversity of queer people, and to create the impression to wander in a real pride.

My role

I did all the images and animations, and a small part of the code.


The game is available on the itch page of the association Gamaturgie :
(The game is translated in English, just go in the “options” menu)