Glitch Culture was made during the 2016 Game Pratik, a game jam in partnership with the region Occianie, about the heritage valuation. The game criticizes the gamification of some museums, and their choice to promote only the aspect of our history that fits with the dominant ideology ant myths, often sexist and racists.

We play a museum visitor on the archeological site of Lattes, in an extremly guided visit which contains absurd mini games. First, a sandbox to learn to be an archeologist, and secondly a ground to learn the fighting techniques of the Romans, which looks like a simplistic dancing game. If we try to escape from this tour, we can notice glitches in the game, who leads us to the archives of the museum. On this behind the scene of the museum, we discover that the woman’s history is also worth being told, and, in a level that we didn’t have the time to do, that the Romans and the Gallic aren’t our only ancestors : Arabs people have also had a great influence over our culture and past.

My role

I did a part of the gameplay (mostly the initial concept), the drawings of the objects, the UI elements, most of the background elements, and a small part of the code.